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Promote your Magento store while earning your customers’ loyalty
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About the Extension

The Magento Facebook Sharing Discount extension gives Magento merchants the ability to turn customers’ Facebook walls into billboards through discounts. This "you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours" interphase will not only please the customers you already have, but it will also effectively turn them into the best way to reach others.

Statistically Beneficial

In looking at statistics alone, the average Facebook user has 137 friends, while more than 794 million people worldwide have active profiles, and of that, 60% said they are willing to post about products on Facebook if they get a discount. 90%, additionally, trust recommendations they get from people they know [source]. This extension will advertise your store and discount prices, while at the same time giving your store an implied recommendation from your customers to all their friends.

These numbers equate to huge benefits for your business in advertising and traffic, even with the smallest of discounts.

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Easy to Use!

On the merchant’s side, using the Magento Facebook Sharing Discount extension is as easy as downloading, installing, and configuring your store’s discount. On the customer’s side, it’s as simple as clicking "Apply Discount." And who wouldn’t?

Better Branding

The number of entrepreneurs now using Magento for their online dealings means, as always, merchants need a better way to brand their businesses. Therefore, the Magento Facebook Sharing Discount extension will spread your brand through utilization of another brandname which is already globally known, Facebook. Why pay for ad space off center screen when your store can just as well show up center screen on Facebook wall-space for all to see?

Proven Business Principles

Made with quality, while also utilizing proven business principles, the Magento Facebook Sharing Discount extension has undergone thorough documentation and testing by programmers and users alike. This means your Magento store can expect more traffic with less worries and no hassle.

All of these factors make Magento Facebook Sharing Discount extension the best way to promote your Magento store, allowing your brand to spread with Facebook, while simultaneously earning your customers’ loyalty through discount prices. It will also make online bargains as easy for customers to find as simply clicking "publish."

Return on Investment

Utilising trends and statistics from Spring Metrics and Media Bistro, we can illustrate the Return on Investment possible through using Facebook Sharing Discount. Statistically, the average Facebook user has 137 friends. Still, a single sale may mean that only as low as a third of these friends end up seeing and actually visiting the store.

Studies show that 60% are willing to post about products if they get a deal or discount, while 75% are more likely to purchase if a friend has endorsed a product in social media, still, we will take a conservative route and say that only 10% of that 46 will actually buy.

So, with roughly five people from that original one being enticed all the way through the sale, each bringing back with them another five or so customers we can now make a simple illustration to show Return on Investment.

If a product is sold for $100 on average with a discount of 5%, it brings back 5 customers willing to make a purchase. Even if the profit margin on the product is only 5%, it means that a single Facebook share brings back sales of $500, with a profit of $20, when we subtract the discount of $5 for the share. That means that only 15 customers need to use the share discount to make the basic extension price profitable. Bear in mind, these numbers are calculated with a very conservative approach, return in investment usually requires even less Facebook shares.

Product Pricing

These features are included in all versions of the extension:


Single domain installations

  • Standard Features
  • Professional installation (check if you want it professionally installed by our developers)


Magento Enterprise installations

  • Standard Features
  • Suitable for Magento Enterprise
  • Free support for one year
  • Professional installation (check if you want it professionally installed by our developers)

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