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Building a website can be a straightforward job, but building a great website is more like a state of art - putting the right thing in a right place in a right time.


Welcome to Codernia, the development planet, a place where we create the art for you.

Codernia is populated by a group of highly professional and dedicated developers experienced in various technologies. We love what we do and we treat each of our clients as one of our own. We are very passionate about our work and we love sharing and expanding our knowledge. Also, we are always excited to hear about new project ideas and if you feel we can together make your business truly exceptional, you can ping us at any time.

What we do

Codernia is an agile team of software engineers, and we love our call. We use modern methodologies and approach, seeking the perfection in our work and satisfaction from our clients.


While highly skilled in many techniques, our most precious resource is vast knowledge and experience in HTML5 and CSS3, database programming and optimization, Magento, Zend Framework and Ruby on Rails development.

Through the development process we are focused on good communication and fast feedbacks, keeping you in the the flow and making sure your project is going in the proper direction.


Technologies we cover are vast, popular, modern and mostly web oriented, while we still have significant experience in desktop and mobile development.



In cooperation with Third&Grove web development team we worked on a store for an interior design manufacturer.


What we did: Magento maintenance and upgrades, new functionality implementations.


Selekkt is the brands reseller from Mainz, Germany. They have a great team, focus really strong on marketing and are always eager to cooperate with., being very professional with all their clients and partners.


What we did: Magento implementation, responsive design, customization and new functionalities, database programming.

ABS Style by Allen Schwartz

In cooperation with Black&Black Creative, we created an online store for a famous fashion designer.


What we did: Magento implementation, responsive design, customisation, database programming.

Unique SportsTime

A sports clothing store from Hamburg, Germany, offering customisable designs to their customers. A perfect choice for teams and companies which want to strengthen their brand.


What we did: Magento maintenance, design and functionality updates, customisation, extension maintenance, WordPress updates, database programming.

Freelance Komuna - a community for freelancers

Codernia team developed a community dedicated to the freelancers of all professions, through which they can meet, cooperate and share knowledge and experience.


What we did: Design and implementation, WordPress and phpBB integration, content management, optimization.

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